Iron, Manganese and Suphur bacteria are living organisms that feed on these elements in the water and in wells, plumbing and water heater tanks. They build slime in toilet water reservoirs and clog plumbing, pumps, water heaters and appliances. Bad tastes and odours in the water supply are often common with the presence of these bacteria. Often, some of this slime material break free in slugs at high flow rates, causing extremely discoloured water and clumps causing plugging of fixtures.

Iron, Manganese and Sulphur bacteria can often be identified by a slime-like material in the toilet flush tank.

Until the last few years, Iron, Manganese and Sulphur bacteria were not too common a problem but their presence has increased very rapidly throughout the country and is now quite prevalent.

Iron, Manganese and Sulphur bacteria must be killed by chemical treatment; filtration alone doesn't eliminate them. Bacterial iron is difficult to treat. The bacteria must be killed. The usual method is through chlorinating. High levels of chlorine are introduced into the plumbing and allowed to flow throughout the home to kill all the bacteria. Chlorination of the plumbing, toilets, pressure tank and water heater may relieve the problem. Depending on the severity of the problem, often chlorine must be fed continuously to prevent future growth.

Health Risks

There are no known health effects from drinking water with Iron, Manganese or Sulphur bacteria but having a presence of these bacteria’s can develop the growth of harmful bacteria’s. It is recommended that a water sample is taken to your local Health Unit for testing.


The common treatment for Iron, Manganese and Sulphur bacteria require chemical treatment using a chlorination system followed by filtration. MWTdirect offers an in-home water analysis kit to provide an indicator to see if these bacteria’s are present.

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