Alkalinity is a measurement using a pH scale from 0-14, measurement of 7 is neutral. A measurement below 7 means the water is acidic. A measurement above 7 means the water is basic (Alkaline).

Alkalinity is a measurement of the capacity of water which can neutralize acids. Alkalinity is contributed by a presence of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, and hydroxide water that can be naturally present in water. Some sources of alkalinity can be from rocks & soils, salts, certain plant activities, industrial wastewater discharges, mining & industrial operations, landfill, gas stations, and water treatment processes.

Water with a pH greater than 8.5 is very alkaline and may contribute to scale buildup in plumbing. Alkalinity is also affected by water temperature, total dissolved solids, and hardness.




Health Effects

There is no known health effect from drinking alkaline water. Alkalinity can impart a bitterness taste to water and an effervescence aesthetic appearance (carbonated water).


If the pH level of the well water is greater than 8.5, you can reduce the effects of excessive alkalinity by installing either a Specialty Filter unit designed to reduce alkalinity or a chemical feed pump system that injects a weak acid solution (citric acid). This procedure is more complicated.

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