Most people identify the quality of their drinking water by how it looks, tastes and smells.  Although these are important factors, they are primarily aesthetic properties of the water. Water that looks, tastes or smells bad can still be suitable for drinking based on Ministry Drinking Water Standards.

There are several ways a home owner can use to determine if they have a water problem and what the most likely cause may be.  Whether you get your water from a private well or lake water source or from a municipal water treatment plant, you can face a range of potential water problems.  Typically, well water and lake water is safe to drink but there are contaminants that can infiltrate your water supply whether it is from the surface or from a deep well.  Many water supplies can change during season changes or year after year. Some of these contaminants can be bacteria or microorganisms that can cause health problems.

Other contaminants can present problems with the water in your house such as iron, hardness, sulphur.

Some of the problems can damage or reduce the life of appliances or take time cleaning and using more soap and cleaning products.

If you are having any of the issues below. Contact us today for your free no obligation water analysis, with recommendations.

Alkalinity Bacteria

Giardia and
Cryptosporidium (parasites)

Hydrogen Sulphide Iron & Manganese

Iron, Manganese &
Sulphur Bacteria

Tannins Turbidity & Sediment