• Modern touch pad controls.
  • Proven piston, seal and spacer design.
  • 1” porting provides high flow rates.
  • Self charging capacitor keeps memory for 48 hrs.
  • 7 year control valve warranty.
  • Uplfow regeneration provides performance with low salt usage.

  • Trustworthy Modern Pentair 5810 Valve.
  • Electronic touch pad controls.
  • 1” porting provides high flow rates.
  • Automatic power back-up no resetting in power failure.
  • 5 year control valve warranty and 10 year on media tank.
  • Tough thermoplastic construction.


MWT Solutions has the solution to treat your whole house water supply to provide you with soft water that reduces staining, scale build up and leaves you with silky smooth soft water.


  • Softens water reducing hardness and scale
  • Reduces time on cleaning & money spent on detergents & cleaning products
  • Whites stay whiter & colours stay brighter on clothes
  • Reduces scale build-up on appliances and dishes
  • Saves energy costs on hot water appliances


  • Autotrol 268 light commercial valve designed with frictionless valve parts, longer lifeless service calls.
  • Continuous flow rates up to 25 GPM.
  • MWT F-1 Removes hardness up to 100 ppm and ferrous iron up to  3 ppm.
  • MWT F-2 Removes hardness up to 100 ppm and ferrous iron up to 10 ppm.
  • Solid State electronic metered control.
  • Meters water and regenerates based on actual water usage, saving you money on salt
  • Patterns water usage so you never run out of soft water
  • Super capacitor for memory back-up so system does not lose time & programming.
  • Bypass valve.
  • 10-year control valve warranty and 20 years on tank.



MWT Solutions 4 in 1 Water System is the most advanced Engineered Water System in today’s market.

Our innovative and proprietary technology goes way beyond just softening water. This proven multi-media filter will remove many water problems using just one unit.

Our F-4 Water System has been in development for the past 20 years using advanced technology in assembling.

Our Proprietary Mult-Media Water System is designed to eliminate:

  • Iron (15 mg/L
  • Manganese ( 2 mg/L)
  • Hardness ( 100 GPG)
  • Hydrogen Sulphide

And many other benefits including raising PH,  reducing turbidity and controlling Iron and Manganese Bacteria.