What Is Ultraviolet Disinfection and how does it make your water safe to drink?

The term UV disinfection means the treatment of water to inactivate, destroy and or remove pathogenic (disease producing) bacteria, virus, cysts and other microorganisms for the purpose of making the water microbiologically safe for use or human consumption.

The major part of an ultraviolet (UV) water treatment system is water moves through a stainless-steel chamber that houses a UV lamp that inactivates 99.99% of the disease carrying microorganisms.

Once the water flows through the chamber, safe water is provided to every tap in your house.


  • UV systems do not add chemicals to the water.
  • UV Systems will not change the taste or odour of the water.
  • UV systems do not add anything to the water and simply provide safe and reliable disinfection for your entire home.