PETWA- Assembled Engineered Chemical Free  Systems.

Individual Systems Designed to Eliminate Iron, Manganese, Sediment, Bad Odours & Corrosive water.

Available as single tank or dual tank systems.


  • Uses no chemicals.
  • NSF certified electronic controls.
  • Available in ¾ or 1” ports.
  • Bypasses included
  • Quick Connect Fittings.

“PCP “Chem Free” Air Injection Oxidizing Systems

Different Models Designed to remove:

  • High Iron, Moderate pH.
  • Very High Iron, Manganese, Low pH.
  • Sulphur, Taste + Odour.


  • Uses no chemicals.
  • Fleck 5000AIO electronic control valve.
  • Bypasses included
  • Quick Connect Fittings.
  • Maintains power up to 48 hours during power interruptions.


MWT  F-3 Air Injection System

MWT  F-3 Air Injection System is designed to Eliminate:

  • Iron and Manganese staining .
  • Corrects pH ( corrosive acidic water).
  • Odours caused by Sulphur or Organics.
  • Removes sediment and Turbidity.


  • MWT F-3 system uses no chemicals or additives .
  • Has a large contact tank to improve oxidization by 10X more than any other air injection system.
  • Autotrol 263 Electronic Control.
  • Frictionless valve require very little maintenance.
  • Stores time and features for 48 hrs during power interruptions.
  • Uses an air micronizer to adjust how much air is needed to Oxidize minerals and gases.