Stop buying expensive bottled water or lugging heavy water bottles, and start getting better than bottled water quality in your home.

MWT Drinking Water Systems produce clean, delicious drinking water at a fraction of the cost. Since these systems use your homes water supply, you’ll never run out of drinking water.


Drinking water systems come in several models and varieties but what they all have in common is that they serve as a final barrier to the contaminates or concerns you may have. Before purchasing a drinking water system determine the degree of purity you want from your drinking water.

Not all drinking water systems perform the same and have different technologies.

Contact us and we will make some recommendations to you based on your water supply and personal preferences 


Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

Reverse osmosis filtration is an outstanding method of water protection that can reduce up to 99% of thousands of harmful water contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis is the process in which tap water is forced through a semi permeable membrane and a series of filters then into a storage tank that holds the treated water, leaving unwanted contaminants behind. These contaminants are rinsed away, resulting in fresh and clean drinking water.

A separate water faucet is installed at your sink dedicated just for the purified water.


  • Delicious clean safe drinking water.
  • Removes heavy metals and undesirable minerals.
  • Better for cooking and making ice cubes.
  • You’ll Stop Buying Bottled Water.
  • Environmentally Friendly.

Have one of our certified professionals talk with you about a water filtration system for your home.


Doulton® has been a leading name in drinking water filtration for over a 150 years.

We’re proud to be an eco-friendly manufacturer with multiple industry certifications and recognised by the highest international quality standards.

 Doulton® ceramic water filters are convenient, versatile and economical, derived from naturally occurring raw materials. Improve the look, taste and odour of your water by filtering out unwanted contaminants to enjoy a truly refreshing drink for everyone.

Tap water under pressure, flows from outside toward the inside of the sub-micron ceramic element.

Impurities unable to penetrate through the microscopic channels of the ceramic matrix, such as bacteria, Cryptosporidium and other micro organisms, are simply trapped on or near the surface of the element.





Water ultrafiltration is a filtration process which uses standard home water pressure to push water through a semi-permeable membrane.

Suspended particles and materials of high molecular weight are unable to pass through the 0.02 micron UF ultrafiltration membrane, allowing only fresh clean water and dissolved minerals to pass through.

Ultrafiltration will filter down to 0.01 microns, removing silt, turbidity, virus, bacteria, and colour. The included carbon filter will remove chlorine and harmful chlorination by-products, tastes and odours.