What is hard water?

Hard water is the result of dissolved minerals in water. These minerals are primarily calcium and magnesium. Hard water produces many problems with scale & staining on clothes, appliances, dishes, water heaters, and washing machines. Hard water also will result in excessive use of detergents, cleaners & soap.

How does a water softener work?

A water softener works by replacing the hardness in your water with either sodium or potassium. This is done through a process called ion exchange. There are different models of water softeners that are designed to eliminate hardness based on how hard your water is and how much water is needed for daily usage.

MWT Solutions has a selection of Water Softeners to provide you with soft silky problem free water.

Are there harmful effects of water softener discharges on household septic tanks?

According to the Water Quality Association (WQA), water softener regeneration discharges do not pose a problem to septic systems or to the field bed. Studies have shown that water softener regeneration waste not only do not interfere with the septic tank system but shown to have no detrimental effect on a field bed. Some soil conditions benefited from it. When the softener's calcium-rich regeneration backwash emptied into the septic system, the discharge could improve the soil's ability to strain the effluent.

Can you drink water from a water softener?

Although many people believe that water from a water softener contains too much sodium for consumption, most do not realize how little sodium is in soft water. The average amount of sodium in a litre of water from a water softener is less than the amount of sodium in a slice of white bread. If you are on a sodium-restricted diet of sodium is a concern, the addition of a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system to your water softener can be installed to give you sodium free drinking water as well as removing other contaminants.

What is a Backwashing Filter?

Example: iron filters, sulphur filters, etc.

A backwashing filter is a tank filled with a specific filtration media. The media is specific to the contaminants and problem causing minerals that need to be filtered from the water, such as Iron, Manganese, Sulphur and other minerals.

The water enters the tank through a control valve and travels downwards through the media.

The contaminants and the minerals are absorbed or trapped by the filtration media. The water then travels downwards and travels up through a riser tube at the bottom of the tank to the control valve on top of tank providing filtered water.

The control valve is designed to operate cycles that clean the media (backwash or regeneration).  The contaminants that were absorbed or trapped are drained and flushed to a specifically designated drain.

How do I determine what system I need?
There are many factors involved in determining what system will meet your needs. Contact one of our trained friendly water specialists and we will ask you some basic questions about your concerns regarding your water problems.

We will ask you if you would like to set up an appointment at your convenience to perform a no obligation in-home water analysis determining which water system will provide best results. 

Please note that there is no cost for the analysis and recommendations and you are not obligated in any way of making a purchase.

Why shouldn’t I buy a water conditioner from the local big box store or a plumber?

Avoid buying a softener from a plumber or big box store. Plumbers and Big Box store employees rarely really know anything about water treatment including how to correctly size and set up a water conditioner.

There are many different types of water conditioners for different water problems and some can be very complicated. Our experts have the necessary knowledge to effectively diagnose and solve your water quality problems. Please feel free to contact us at 1-800-269-4387 for a friendly consultation or use the contact us form to have your questions and concerns answered directly by email.

How much maintenance does a water conditioner require?

Water Conditioners are self-cleaning. The Water Systems are set up to regenerate (clean) based on your water usage and your water quality. It is recommended that one of our trained service technicians come in once a year to maintain the system to ensure trouble-free equipment for many years and to honour manufacturer warranties.

Can MWT Solutions service another manufacturer’s equipment?

Yes, we do, in fact, equipment repair and service is how many people discovered MWT Solutions.

MWT Solution has technicians with over 32 years of hands-on experience in most brands and models regardless if we installed or designed the system.

What is MWT Solutions 100% satisfaction guarantee?

When you purchase an MWT Water System, you are purchasing the finest water treatment product available in today’s market.

MWT Solutions offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the date of Installation. We are committed to serving our customers. If you feel that the Water System, you have purchased is not satisfactory or is not performing to your expectations please contact us to discuss your situation.

If the Water System is defective or improperly installed MWT Solutions will repair, upgrade, or replace the water system at no additional cost to the customer.

It is very important to have one of our trained technicians come in once a year to retest the water quality and perform service maintenance to prevent equipment failure.

Please be aware that in some circumstances the water quality at the time of testing can change in the source causing equipment failure or water parameters to exceed the performance limitations of the equipment installed.

In these circumstances, MWT Solutions is not responsible and will discuss the possibility of upgrading the equipment.

Is Water from a Water Softener or Filter OK to drink?

Yes and No. Many Water Conditioners can improve the taste of the water, but they are not designed to eliminate all contaminants such as bacteria or heavy metals. MWT Solutions recommends having a UV System installed to eliminate or protect against the possibility of Bacteria contamination in the water source.

We also recommend purchasing a drinking water system as a final barrier to the contaminates or concerns you may have. Before purchasing a drinking water system determines the degree of purity you want from your drinking water.

Not all drinking water systems perform the same and have different technologies. Please look at our selection of drinking water systems under the products category.

What is Ultra Violet Disinfection?

The term UV disinfection means the treatment of water to inactivate, destroy and or remove pathogenic (disease producing) bacteria, virus, cysts and other microorganisms for the purpose of making the water microbiologically safe for use or human consumption.

How does Ultra Violet Systems work?

The major parts of a UV Disinfection System is water moves through a stainless-steel chamber that houses a UV lamp that inactivates 99.99% of the disease-carrying microorganisms. 

Once the water flows through the chamber, safe water is provided to every tap in your house.

Best Price Guarantee!

Our Best Price Guarantee is your assurance that you’ll get the best price on the products you purchase from other competitors. If you find a lower price from another water treatment retailer, we will beat the price by at least 10%.

We will beat the price under the following conditions:

  • The advertised product is identical or equivalent.
  • The advertised product or its price is not: a “special offer” such as bonus or free offer; sale; marketplace seller; trade-in sale; special order, “limited quantity”, “daily deal”, "door crashers" or “one of a kind” or wholesale price, floor models, open stock and scratch-and-dent items; or a price based on a competitor’s advertising error or misprint.
  • MWT Solutions reserves the right to verify competitor pricing and availability of price match items.
  • The Water system price and model must be on a written estimate and provided to us.
  • The lower price must be from a local competitor, meaning the same city or area. Please call to see which areas apply.
  • MWT Solutions has the right to refuse any estimate if suspected to be fraudulent, deceitful or untrue.
  • MWT Solutions will not engage a price war with other competitors.